Evolving Workplace Technologies to Attract Employees to the Office

Creating a workplace that attracts employees while preserving productivity and efficiency can be challenging, especially at a time when the workforce has realized fully remote operations are a possibility.

The Talent Dynamic in the Modern Workplace

There is no doubt that the nation’s headfirst dive into remote work has led to profound and lasting changes in the employer/employee power structure.

5 Inherent Benefits of Workplace Hoteling

Workplace hoteling eliminates assigned seating in favor of reservable desks and office space. Hoteling, when implemented successfully, can save leaders up to $7,735 per unused workstation each year and provide valuable perks to employees and customers.

What does the new office look like?

While working remotely, businesses began to scrutinize their facility design and how people function within it. Now, as leaders bring teams back into the office, creating a thriving workplace that maintains functionality while supporting worker wellbeing requires careful consideration.

The State of the Hybrid Workplace

The time has come for a mass reimagining of the workplace. The hybrid workplace is enabling organizations to continue operations throughout the slow transition back to the office. Now, many are realizing hybrid is here to stay.

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