Aligning Your Body and Mind for Working from Home

University Facility Design in the Aftermath of COVID-19

What Does a Truly Hybrid Workforce Model Look Like?

6 Ways New Paint Can Benefit Your Business

As a building is used, it is normal to see natural wear and tear, and it’s easy to become blind to minor flaws like scuff marks, chipped paint and fading wallcoverings. Take this as your wakeup call to consider refreshing your building’s interior and exterior paint! Commercial painting and wall coverings are an investment with high returns; see the top six ways new paint can benefit your...

The Power of Color in the Workplace

There is nothing like a fresh coat of paint to liven up a space. But before you pull out your corporate paint swatch—you know, the one that you’ve been referring to and coloring your space with for 10+ years—consider breathing new life into your workspace by applying color psychology to your walls.

Falkbuilt & Digital Component Construction: A Glossary for Innovative Leaders

With new workplace needs developing from adopting a flexible hybrid approach, now is the time to upgrade your space using Digital Component Construction. Wisconsin has three new Falkbuilt branches specializing in Digital Component Construction: in Milwaukee, Madison and Green Bay.