5 Inherent Benefits of Workplace Hoteling

Workplace hoteling eliminates assigned seating in favor of reservable desks and office space. Hoteling, when implemented successfully, can save leaders up to $7,735 per unused workstation each year and provide valuable perks to employees and customers.

The Power of Color in the Workplace

There is nothing like a fresh coat of paint to liven up a space. But before you pull out your corporate paint swatch—you know, the one that you’ve been referring to and coloring your space with for 10+ years—consider breathing new life into your workspace by applying color psychology to your walls.

Acoustic Solutions to Foster Healthy, Productive Minds

As workspaces are reaching full capacity again and facilities are implementing new space plans to follow health and safety protocol, noise levels will fluctuate and ultimately rise. It is critical to consider acoustics and managing noise to maximize productivity as you return to work.

Creating a Productive Workplace for 3 Generations

It's been great, Boomers. How's it going, Gen X? Hi Millennials. And welcome, Gen Z! Workplace design is moving and shaking by demand from Generation Z. Once rich in high partitions, closed doors and static furniture, workplaces are now in need of something more collaborative. By embracing Gen Z graduates and connecting with Gen X and Gen Y employees, proactive decision-making in space design...

Delivering a Brand Experience in the Workplace

We live in a highly visual world. There’s more competition for our time and our attention than ever before. People are overwhelmed by the amount of commercial messaging they see and hear, so they often gravitate to brands they are familiar with and relate to. An organization’s brand is their personality. Every organization needs to get customers (and employees) to identify with their brand and...

Design-Build: The Most Popular Construction Project Delivery System